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Anchor Trust, AMH, Apple, AQA, BP, Bryan Cave, Cadogan Clinic, CYC, Carlton Books, City & Guilds, Contact-Creative, Convergys, Cordek, Credit Suisse, Global Risk Evaluations, House of Commons, Just Add Water, Linklaters, Norman Waterhouse, Nine Yards, Norton Rose, PepsiCo, Radmat Building Products, Romans Property Group, Scandfit, Svensk Vodka, The Aesthetic Surgeons, University of Cambridge, Walkers, Waterhouse Young Clinic, Watkins Superyachts, Wavelength Group

Brand identity for Houses of Parliament 2015 Anniversaries: Parliament in the Making. Image shown - web banner

Client: House of Commons

Brief: brand identity // collateral // print // digital assets

The agency was commissioned to create a brand framework and resulting identity for the 2015 Parliamentary anniversaries commemorating the sealing of Magna Carta (1215) and the beginning of modern democracy with Simon de Montfort's parliament (1265). Other anniversaries will be celebrated throughout the year.

Advantage was responsible for creating digital media, printed items and an animated sting, which can be seen on the London Underground (see the sting here on Vimeo or YouTube).

Visit: Banner artist videos // Vimeo // YouTube

2015: Parliament in the Making | Brand identity

MY Luna | Superyacht marketing

Client: Radmat Building Products

Brief: brand application // stand design // digital assets // animation

We were proud to design the stand for the revolutionary insulation product ProTherm Quantum for Ecobuild at Excel. A suite of elements were designed including floor graphics and animations. Foot-fall was healthy while the the stand was extremely busy for the 3 day exhibition. Images here were taken before doors opened.

See also: Vimeo // Ecobuild

Quantum® stands out | Exhibition design

Medical procedure CG animations

Client: The Aesthetic Surgeons

Brief: 3D modelling // animation // processing

The agency has created a set of informative animated videos for The Aesthetic Surgeons to reassure patients of impending surgery and to clarify the complicated procedures. Using 3D models and a calming colour palette we were able to convey what can be a difficult subject clearly, empathetically and engagingly. Voice-overs were recorded by the surgeons themselves.

See all the videos here: Website

Client: Watkins Superyachts

Brief: photography / video / marketing / advertising / web site

City based marine specialists Watkins Superyachts were appointed as central charter agency and managers for LUNA, the world's largest luxury explorer-class superyacht.

At 115m long, the Lloyd Werft design was launched in 2010 to much acclaim, gaining fame with its connection to her then owner, Roman Abramovich. LUNA is able to travel vast distances without refuelling and carries full-world charts enabling her to reach almost any point on Earth bordered by water. While the tip of her mast is 112ft from the waterline, her keel is only 20ft deep. She was also the only private yacht to enter the Great Lakes.

Advantage assisted at all levels of marketing this stunning vessel, commencing with a stills and video shoot, with much of the exterior footage captured using a high-end remote, multi-rotor drone camera. The agency was responsible for creating the subsequent video, microsite and supporting materials.

Visit: Vimeo // YouTube

Going green for LEGO

Advantage was recently commissioned to assist in photographing a number of child and adult models using Chroma Key for green screen processing. The models were asked to pose as if in various activities, rides and situations, requiring careful management, lots of music and even some water! The photography will feature as part of ongoing Legoland promotional material.


The shoot took place at LEGO HQ and required multiple lighting angles to match existing exterior photographs for later post processing and compositing.


Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth

The Telegraph Weekend section ran a feature on Saturday featuring our upcoming book The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth next Saturday. The book officially launches on September 1st. The book’s designer and illustrator Jon Lucas was featured on the front page along with author Tim Dedopulos.

A feature on pages 2 and 3 included a specially designed puzzle envisaged by Jon with clues from puzzle-master Dedopulos.

Front page of Telegraph Weekend showing an llustration by Jon Lucas for The Great Global Treasure Hunt


Holiday Hotspots VR

Top agency Freuds has commissioned Advantage to produce a VR puzzle for Compare The Market. Viewed in full 360 as well as in still mini-planet form the illustration includes references to geographical places which the participants must guess in order to win a holiday.

The Aesthetic Surgeons: Norman Waterhouse and Duncan Atherton

Eminent Harley Street surgeon and father of actress Suki, Norman Waterhouse has formed a new entity named The Aesthetic Surgeons. Alongside master nasal and cleft palate surgeon Duncan Atherton, their specialisms include reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for the face and body - working from their London based practice. Naming, brand, procedure animations and website by Advantage.

Contact get in touch

Advantage has redesigned the identity for ad-agency favourite and long established design resource, Contact Creative.

A modern, hand-drawn logotype was created along with a symbolic networking device to assist in conveying the new impetus of digital media and connectivity for its users and clients.

The agency was also responsible for a refresh of its website front-end aesthetic.

Contact Creative logo
Contact Creative logo

Advantage immersed in Augmented & Virtual reality

The agency has been busy developing apps and content for augmented and virtual reality for various clients. From computer generated environments to motion graphics in 360 (much of it unfortunately top secret) we are able to deliver new worlds for our clients' audiences.

Radmat take Advantage

The agency is now working with fast-growing building and roofing company, Radmat, producing a wide range of material including web, digital media, packaging, CG visualisations and location photography & video. The company's innovative products and services provide architects and contractors opportunities to be creative while reducing the cost, time and environmental impact of their projects.

Advantage is also responsible for on-site and aerial photography as well as CG samples of their products.


Radmat logo


Radmat Building Products | 3D CG product imagery



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What we've paid our clients to say about us…

  • Carlton Publishing

    ’Unbelievable but true - Advantage somehow always manage to be one step ahead of me… their technical knowledge and ability to always give me jaw-dropping solutions is simply extraordinary, their creative flair is right up there with the best and the pro-active support and management we get on even the most insignificant part of any brief always staggers me. Add to that the ability to make me laugh when all around me seems lost is, quite simply, an all-round team that no-one else ever comes close to.’

    Russell Porter | Design Director

  • Wavelength Group

    ’Throughout the years I have worked with Advantage on a number of projects for our healthcare clients - organisations in this sector are exacting and can be extremely hard to please, but the team has consistently delivered on creativity, originality and innovation.

    I’ve always been impressed with the scope of their ideas and the style in which they’re executed. I look forward to continue working with them for many years to come.’

    Tingy Simoes | Wavelength Group

  • University of Cambridge

    ’’Advantage is a great company to work with. They are brilliant at understanding your communications objectives and translating those into a high quality graphic style. Their attention to detail means that the finished product is something to be proud of.’’

    Sheila von Rimscha | University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

  • Watkins Superyachts

    ’’When we decided to re-brand we sought agencies without preconceived ideas but with proven abilities in design and execution. Only Advantage took the time and effort to thoroughly and painstakingly understand our industry and core business, before presenting a breathtaking, direct and irresistible view of our position, our profile and our future.

    Knowing that we could entrust them with the aspects of business such as digital and social media, permits us to get on with what we do best.

    The Advantage team never fail to delight us with their innovation, ideas and unceasing enthusiasm. Every visit and every meeting is like a breath of fresh air.’’

    Capt Adrian McCourt | Watkins Superyachts

  • Anchor Trust

    ’’I have worked with Advantage for over 5 years, and we have always found them to be a very professional company who not only support our design and advertising needs but more importantly help us in policing our brand image. The support we receive from them in terms of advice and initiatives has proven invaluable to us – we are very pleased and proud to be associated with them.’’

    Jackie Eltis | Anchor Trust

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Going up | The E4levator | Esting

Client: Channel E4

Brief: 3D modelling and animation

A 10 second short story is not as easy as you might think. The time rushes past and camera movements, cuts and angles are painfully apparent if they’re not right.

This entry for the E4 Estings competition was created by Jon, our creative director in Lightwave 3D and After Effects in a very short space of time and he found the process quite cathartic. Jon created an E-partment block where E-folk floated gracefully around watching quirky retro film footage 24/7, surrounded by electric colour-changing wallpaper!

Visit: Vimeo

Web design | featuring iPad views of Sébastien Foucan's website

Off and running

Client: Sébastien Foucan

Brief: Branding | website

Freerunning founder, James Bond star and all-round inspiration Sébastien Foucan has launched an Advantage designed website to convey his ethos and to promote his instructional programme Foucan Freerunning Academy.

Ex firefighter Sébastien, who now lives in London needed a visually engaging experience with a flexible layout to adapt to the level of content required at any given time.

His need for a CMS (content management system) and online booking facility required cross-platform integration and a need for full accessibility across mobile devices..




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